Pauley Stepping Down As Elections Supervisor

This just in from today’s  Grays Harbor Board of Commissioners morning briefing:

Elections Supervisor Kyle Pauley is leaving that office. The news was announced by County Auditor Vern Spatz at this morning’s meeting. Spatz was on hand to request BOC authorization to hire Buffy Hatcher of Elma into the position.  Pauley was hired about six months ago.

Spatz described Pauley’s departure as “very amicable,” explaining that “it just wasn’t a good fit.”

Commissioner Vickie Raines described Hatcher as “a good person who will do a good job for the county.”

The requested authorization was approved unanimously. Pauley will be paid through the end of the month and will help with the transition.

Hatcher, who applied for the post previously, has a background in insurance and in school administration, according to Spatz.