WATCH John Wayne Sum Up the Difference Between Libs & Conservs – in Less Than 2 Minutes!

That rarest of rare breeds, a Conservative in Hollywood, John Wayne was never one to mince words. Or coddle anything. Including a six year-old boy who didn’t know how to swim.

Doubtless the Duke’s teaching methods would horrify nanny state libs. They’d call CPS. File a report.  Yank his swimming license.  Refer Wayne to the Swimming Pool Gulag for “re-education.” Set up a Department of Safe Swimming. Appoint a Safe Swimming Czar. Issue executive orders on safe swimming techniques – probably without congressional approval.

Then libs would set up a government-sanctioned swimming school. In a government-sanctioned swimming pool. With government-sanctioned teachers, curricula, and chlorine. Of course they’d pick taxpayer pockets to pay for it all.

Applying the Direct Duke Method – Look Ma, Big Brother not needed – would never occur to your average lib. It’s too obvious:

What say you?


H/T: The Political Insider