Why I Drove Over 100 Miles RT To See This Movie – And You Should, Too

Every once in awhile a movie comes around that is so compelling and powerful, it beggars description. Like War Room.*

Brisk and engaging, War Room had me from Nam and napalm to “baked into these walls.” The characters are sturdy, the dialogue credible. ‘Sides, I love no-nonsense, blunt-as-a-spoon Miss Clara. And I never knew anyone could skip rope like that.

The story? Well, if I had to describe it in one word, it would be Incandescent.

War Room isn’t for everyone. If you’re perfect and your life is problem-free, never mind. You can probably pass if you don’t have a single frustration, worry, regret, or stress. Ditto if your every interest, pursuit, relationship, responsibility and breath are running like well-oiled machines. Every day.

For the rest of us who live on Planet Earth, War Room is a must-see.

Time to take off the gloves. Learn how to fight well, with the right resources.

Find a theater here. War Room on Facebook. From the people who brought you Facing the Giants, Courage, and Fireproof.

*Don’t let the “P word” in the sub-title scare you. The film isn’t preachy. So don’t wuss out. There will be a quiz on Friday.