FRIDAY FUN: You Know You Live in Grays Harbor If…

Photo 1

Okay, class. Yours Truly has compiled a highly subjective, 100% scientific-free list of 21 tell-tale signs that you live in Grays Harbor. Any of these sound familiar? What would you add?

You know you live in Grays Harbor if you:

  1. Know the “bee hive” is a place to eat, not an apiary (look it up).
  2. Are on a first-name basis with Wal-Mart cashiers.
  3. Consider anyone from Seattle a “foreigner.”
  4. Know the four seasons are: Raining, Almost Raining, Still Raining, and Construction.
  5. Say “cougar” instead of “mountain lion.”
  6. Think a mile-long traffic snarl waiting for a bridge to go up and down is normal.
  7. Know The Daily World isn’t.
  8. Think 80 degrees is a “heat wave.” (It’s not. That’s just nicely thawed, okay?)
  9. Can zip through 10 chapters of Atlas Shrugged while waiting for the train to go by.
  10. Know there’s no indoor seating at the place in the above photo – and don’t care.
  11. Say “buck” a log instead of “chop” (why is this?)
  12. Know the most coveted parking spots are those nearest the awning.
  13. Call a male deer a “spike” instead of a “buck” (why is this again?)
  14. Think moss is a garden decoration.
  15. Have ever topped the Simpson Avenue bridge on a clear day and crowed, “The Mountain is out!”
  16. Recognize that the four basic food groups are: Mazatlan, Casa Mia, “Mallritos,” and Manny’s.
  17. Know that deer are the first to let you know your begonias are blooming.
  18. Think the first day of deer season should be a national holiday (see above).
  19. Can’t remember where you put your sun glasses.
  20. Can’t remember where you stashed your board shorts.
  21. Can’t remember what sun is. BTW, what are “shorts” again?

Bonus round: You live in Grays Harbor if you can correctly pronounce chinook, Hoquiam, and Chehalis.

There will be a quiz on Friday. Or whenever. Have a great weekend!