Weekend Round-Up (and other pretty cool stuff)

C’mon. Fess up.

You didn’t really think this rapier wit was exclusive to Conservelocity, did you? That this luscious political commentary and sagacious insight were limited to local news and views or this single platform? (I see those hands.)

Good. Cuz they’re not.

As a matter of fact, yours truly is a contributing author to some national media outlets. In case ya missed that: Yours truly is a contributing author to some national outlets. All poking fun at Lefty lunacy with the usual dose of excruciatingly insightful prose and sheer brilliance you’ve come to know and love on this blog. (Sometimes it’s Just. Too. Easy. Like every day.)

Recent samples appear below.  You’re welcome.

1) Democrats Blame Conservatives For Boehner Resignation

On Friday, embattled Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-OH) announced that he plans to resign from Congress and give up the Speaker’s gavel in October.  His resignation sent shock waves through the GOP caucus and elsewhere. But the news had some folks breaking out their “happy dance.”

Those who aren’t partying at the prospect of a real conservative taking the House reins post-Boehner include – tada!- Democrats.


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2) Ted Cruz Crushes Senate Democrats on Human Rights Hypocrisy

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and the rest of the Senate Democrats received an epic tongue lashing from Senator Ted Cruz on Thursday regarding their hypocrisy on human rights.

Cruz responded in “Don’t Mess With Texas” style when Feinstein tried silly political pandering regarding Chinese human rights abuses in a floor speech. The speech related to renaming the Chinese Embassy’s street name to Liu Xiaobo Plaza.


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3) Whoopi Goldberg Says Bible Silent on Abortion

Noted Bible scholar and former Hollywood Square (that’s not a typo) Whoopi Goldberg demonstrated yet again why no one watches The View. On Tuesday, eminent theologian Big Whoop told View watchers – both of them – that the Bible doesn’t condemn abortion.

Goldberg’s comments came on a September 22 View segment in which hosts ranted about Catholicism, the Pope and his visit to America. Offering her thoughts on faith, eminent theologian Goldberg complained about Pope Francis discussing abortion. She said:

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4) WATCH Kim Davis Respond When Asked, “Who Are You to Judge Others?”

The Kentucky clerk who was jailed earlier this month for not issuing same-sex marriage licenses sat down with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly for an exclusive interview on Wednesday. Among other questions, Kelly asked Kim Davis how she responds to critics who ask, “Who are you to judge others”?

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5) 5 Year-Old Girl Buys Grieving Troopers Ice Cream

Not everyone is taking pot shots at law enforcement these days. Some are going out of their way to show kindness to those who pledge to “serve and protect.” Like a five year-old Kentucky girl.

When little Isabella Yockey saw several state troopers eating at a McDonald’s after attending a funeral for a fallen comrade, she decided to do something to brighten their day – with her own money.

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And that’s a wrap! (See? Isn’t this fun?)



Rapier photo credit:Rama; Creative Commons license.