County Audit, Serious Gorgeous, & Lamborghinis


So today’s one of those glorious fall days on the Harbor. The kind you want to freeze-dry and stash in your fridge. So you can unwrap it later. When you need a little winter pick-me-up. Or you’re trying to recall what “sunshine” means in the middle of February. I mean, we’re talkin’ Serious Gorgeous here.

Gallons of sunshine. Skies pouring out a flawless curve of blue. Temperatures flirting with 80 degrees. I’ve died and gone to San Diego!

Maybe that explains why some wisenheimer suggested moving this afternoon’s State Auditor’s exit conference for Grays Harbor County into the Great Outdoors of Montesano. “We could do a barbecue,” she said. “We could serve ice cream,” she said. “We could charge admission,” she suggested.

You can’t blame a girl for trying. Especially on a glorious fall day like today. Dang.

Anyway, it was a full house and then some at this afternoon’s SAO exit conference. All three county commissioners were present. Department heads or reps from about a million departments attended: Treasurer, Auditor, Public Services, Coroner, Sheriff’s Office, Fairground and Tourism, County Clerk’s Office. You know. About a mil.

BOC Chair Commissioner Wes Cormier called the meeting to order promptly at 3:00 p.m. Three members of the State Audit team presented the preliminary draft report. Audit Manager Angela Folkers said everything’s in draft form and they “want to make sure everything is accurate before the report appears on the public web site.” That puppy should be published by the end of this month, according to Folkers. In case you’re wondering.

The audit of Grays Harbor County covered January 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014. The audit scope included the following areas:

  • Accountability audit for 2014
  • Financial statement audit for 2014
  • Federal grant compliance audit for2014

Two management letters were included. One focused on internal controls and compliance per the accountability audit. The other had to do with internal controls and compliance per the financial audit. There were no findings.

Unless you want me to bore you with excruciating details related to SEFA, (Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards), ER& R (Equipment Rental and Reserve Fund) or “Small and Attractive Asset,” and a bunch of other acronyms, you may want to bail out now.

But first. The bottom line: While there may be room for improvement, the county’s doing pretty well in each area. Folkers said it was a “nice, clean audit report.”

One other thing. Do you think “Small and Attractive Asset” might cover a Lamborghini? Cuz I want mine in candy apple red (never hurts to ask. Kinda like that ice cream thing).

One other, other thing. Take advantage of Serious Gorgeous on the Harbor. GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY. I’ll join you in a jif. Soon as I finish hammering down another bowl of Cookies ‘n Cream with double hot fudge.


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