GUEST AUTHOR: The Democrat “Debate” & Other Urban Legends

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I was going to weigh in on Tuesday night’s “joint press conference” in Las Vegas. You know. The Anderson Cooper, Who’s The ‘Fairest’ Of Them All? love fest interrupted by bouts of everybody’s favorite drinking game, I’m More Progressive Than You!

Feel the Bern.

Okay, okay. So it wouldn’t have been near as much fun without Lincoln Chafee. Never heard of ‘ole Linc? Not to fret. No one else knew who he was, either. After Tuesday, most peeps are probably scurrying to forget.

Anyway, a long time time friend beat me to the pithy recap. Don pulls no punches with his take. Offered here, with permission, at no extra charge.

By Don Krivach


 I could only stomach about five minutes of it, but I tuned into that “debate” last night.  It was the same old, same old you’d expect to hear from these people… you know, Bush sucks (yes, the guy who left office SEVEN YEARS AGO), Republicans suck, raise the minimum wage, tax the rich, climate change, free college, yada yada yada.  The funniest (and saddest) thing I heard was when Hillary said “THE ECONOMY DOES BETTER WHEN A DEMOCRAT IS PRESIDENT.”
    I was a bit surprised when I heard Anderson Cooper mention the fact that Bill and Hillary Klinton are in “the 1%.”  I bet that was major news to at least half of the idiots watching.
    Hannity made a good point on the radio today.  Eight years ago, Obama had to hide the fact that he was an extreme radical.  These people were openly flaunting it last night, proving how far leftward this country has moved over the past seven years.
    Dennis Prager has often said that “You CANNOT be a leftist unless you are naive.”  One additional thing became apparent to me last night: “In order to be a leftist, you must be completely devoid of common sense.”
No kidding.