Here’s What ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control Looks Like

This is a photo of a dad with his hands in a heart shape holding his 3 week old infants feet.

If guns are the killers, as liberal talking heads ceaselessly presume, then Conservatives must ask some tough questions on the topic. Commentator Bill Whittle takes the lib presumption to its logical conclusion in the wake of the mass shootings in Oregon by asking:

  • What made “these five guns” go on a murder spree while at the same time almost 300 million other guns were either peacefully resting or protecting their owners?
  • Were the guns in Oregon mistreated or maligned in some way that caused their violent outbursts?
  • Why did some guns choose to go on a killing rampage while other peaceful guns decided to stay home?
  • Was a single homicidal gun brought into the collection, which then co-opted the others?
  • Did these guns all come from bad backgrounds?
  • Would a late-night social services programs have prevented these bad guns from becoming murderers in the first place?

These are some of the complex social issues that we “simple-minded conservatives” need to face, says Whittle, tongue-in-cheek. “In other words,” he says, “it’s the steel.”

Whittle zeroes in on the true “culprit” and common denominator in these tragedies. It’s not what the uber lib New York Times offers up as its inane 27 Ways To Be a “Modern Man.” (Dang. Guess I don’t know any.) The fact that this hefty dose of rocket science appeared in the Fashion/Men’s Style section should be a clue.

Well doggone if Chris Mintz missed that NYT memo. So did Anthony Sadler, Spencer Stone and Alek Skarlatos. If they read the Times, these guys wouldn’t have disarmed a “suspected Islamic militant” intent on death on destruction on a Paris train in August.

Good for them.

But wait. When it comes to violent prison inmates, it’s not about the gun. Or the steel. The one thing virtually all violent offenders have in common, points out Whittle, is the fact that they’re fatherless boys. Repeat for libs: The one thing virtually all violent offenders have in common, points out Whittle, is the fact that they’re fatherless boys. At about 4:45:

Hate to break it to the NYT and lib talking heads, but dads matter. Translation for libs: Dads matter. Unfortunately, their kind of “steel” is in short supply these days.

Newsflash (that’s “newsflash” for your lib trolls) a la Whittle and anyone else with half a brain: Boys are turned into men by loving fathers who have the strength and staying power to set them on the difficult paths of honor, discipline and mental toughness. That’s where the real steel and the responsibility is or isn’t.

Memo to the DNC: No government program or “common sense gun control” will ever replace a solid, loving dad. You want to “control” bad guys, restore respect and curb violent crime? Start with cultivating and respecting good fathers. Hello?

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