How Republicans Missed the Boat on Corruptocrat Clinton

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The much-hyped Showdown at the Benghazi Corral between House Republicans and the Queen of Chappaqua – aka: arguably the most inept Secretary of State in the history of the world – turned out to be just that: hype.

Well, what did you expect? You didn’t really think Ms. What Difference Does it Make? was going to get nailed on national TV, did you? Or tell the truth? That sanctimonious Democrats would let their golden girl wear an omelet along with that God-awful pant suit (which may have been an improvement, but we’ll leave that for another time)? That the drive-by media would do anything other than spin Thursday’s Carnivale event into a towering triumph for Camp Clinton?

Nope. On Thursday, Hill & Co. did what they always do when caught with their hands in the cookie jar: Lie. Spin. Bob and weave. Strike up the ‘ole Potomac Two Step. Blame the GOP. And while Democrats and their willing lackeys in the lib press have kicked the spin machine into overdrive, Hillary didn’t come off that swift, did she?

But then, neither did Republicans.

Despite the lying, obfuscating, lying, the dumb bell defense, lying, No Doze segments, and um, lying, one thing came through loud and clear on Thursday: The Secretary of State bar was set so low on Queen Hillary’s watch, a gimpy snail could’ve cleared it. On crutches. But that’s not exactly news, is it? Neither is the fact that Klinton (sic) burnished up a new coat of Teflon for the hearings.

You’d think the GOP would figure this out. It’s not like this is new for Ms. Corruptocrat. It’s standard procedure for Hill and Bill. Dating back to Arkansas. And before.

Flip side: Yep, Corruptocrat Clinton really is that incompetent. Can’t handle two email accounts at the same time. Lied repeatedly to the American public. Routinely ignored emails from ambassadors and other pesky peons while somehow managing to find plenty of time to hob knob with Sidney Blumenthal and shake down donors for the Clinton Foundation.

That said, Hillary Clinton is a Liar is hardly headline news. As far as the hearings go, she was going to be portrayed as the victim of a partisan witch hunt while she skewered those rascally Republicans on their own shish kabob.

That’s pretty much how it played out if you believe the talking head pundits: Nothing to see here people. Move along. Move along. (Incidentally, GOP committee members would’ve probably better served the committee and justice by yielding their time to the pit bull from South Carolina and letting Gowdy grill Hill. He didn’t seem to buy the Dumb Bell Defense.)

So come now. You didn’t really think Clinton would finally be held accountable, did you? That she wouldn’t slither out of yet another brouhaha? That gross incompetence and galactic dumb bell-itis related to the deaths of four Americans would matter? That Chief Klintonista and Hillary Apologist Elijah Cummings would do something other than caterwaul at Republicans for “politicizing” the hearings? That the drive-by media wouldn’t shill for their DemoLib darling while the long-suffering Queen patiently endured the petty slings and arrows of the peasantry?

Well. Here’s what the media and most Republicans missed related to the Benghazi hearings: Of course Benghazi was “politicized” – by Democrats. Here’s how:

  • Hillary, Obama and Co. knowingly lied to the American public about Benghazi when they orchestrated and trotted out their now thoroughly discredited blame-it-on-a-bad-YouTube vid cover story in order to give Obama a win in 2012. (Repeat for lib trolls: “Hillary, Obama and Co. knowingly lied to the American public about Benghazi when they orchestrated and trotted out their now thoroughly discredited blame-it-on-a-bad-YouTube vid cover story in order to give Obama a win in 2012.”)
  • Chill Hill lied to the families of four Americans and to the American public. Intentionally and repeatedly.
  • Ms. Career Corruptocrat lied to protect her presidential bid.

Why? Simple. Because coming clean with the true cause behind the 2012 attack on the American compound in Benghazi was off-script. If terrorists attacked the compound, then Obama hadn’t made the world safe for democracy and vanquished terrorists worldwide – as he was so fond of crowing about during his 2012 campaign. Calling Benghazi a terrorist attack would’ve exposed Obama’s “I killed bin Laden and made the world safe from bad guys bent on our destruction, give me four more years” campaign theme song for what it was: first class hooey.

In other words, Clinton & Co. lied about Benghazi because winning an election for Obama was more important than protecting American lives – or telling the truth.

If that’s not “political,” what is?

So, this is what Republicans should be trumpeting from the rooftops: “Yes, Benghazi was indeed politicized – by Democrats – in order to win an election.”  Duh.

You’re welcome.