First Blush, Half-Brains, and Whole Brats

First things first. Royals are up by two. Anyone want to get out a broom?

Now that we have that out of the way… I wasn’t going to weigh in on the South Carolina deputy who slammed a disruptive high school student to the floor and tossed her several feet while attempting an arrest. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott initially suspended Deputy Ben Fields without pay, and then fired him on Wednesday. But people keep asking. So. Here’s what I think:

At first blush, the video looked pretty bad. I mean B-A-D. Shoot. I was on the girl’s side at first blush. As in, “What the hey??!!” The Big Guy disagreed. A “lively discussion” ensued. It did not involve chairs.

But anyone with half a brain knows to wait before rushing to judgment on this stuff. There’s always more to the story. Unfortunately, most of the DOJ, the Obama Administration, and Al Sharpton haven’t quite figured this out. So…

Now that more facts are coming to light – hello? – I agree with Sheriff Lott when he said, “We must not lose sight that this whole incident started by this student. She is responsible for initiating this action. Some responsibility falls on her.”

That said, Deputy Fields, aka: “Officer Slam,” has an interesting history. He’s been sued more than once for similar incidents. According to his now-deleted Twitter account, Fields was also the defensive line and strength coach for the Spring Valley High School football team. At a Tuesday presser, school district officials said Fields is no longer coaching. According to the sheriff’s office, Deputy Fields was honored with the Richland School District Two Culture of Excellence Award in November 2014. The sheriff said Fields, “has proven to be an exceptional role model to the students he serves and protects.” And so on.

Thus, depending on your source and who you choose to believe, the deputy is either the reincarnation of Mother Theresa or King Kong on steroids. I ‘spect the truth is somewhere in the middle.

A few more Captain Obvious observations about the student (throwin’ these in for free):

  1. Don’t mouth off at a cop. That’s just stupid.
  2. Don’t attack/take a swing at a cop. Also stupid.
  3. When a teacher, administrator and officer tell you to stop acting like a jerk, it’s usually a good idea to stop acting like a jerk.
  4. Someone needs a Mommy Lecture very badly.
  5. Someone needs a Mommy very badly.
  6. Someone needs her mouth washed out with soap very badly.
  7. Someone should probably get expelled.
  8. As for that foul-mouthed, disrespectful, chip-on-her-shoulder-a-mile-high little brat: Well sweetheart, what did you expect?

Not to worry. Doubtless said sweetheart’s invitation to the White House is already in the mail.

One other thing. If you didn’t get the image associated with this post, it’s a glass of Rose wine from Washington state made from grapes grown in the Ciel du Cheval vineyard. As in, “first blu…” Oh, never mind.

Image Author: Agne27

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