After Las Vegas, What’s Next?


Our hearts and prayers go out to all affected by the Las Vegas massacre.

From the Los Angeles Times:

People looking for a loved one in Las Vegas can call (866) 535-5654. The n

umber doubles as Nevada’s 211 number to connect residents with health, human and social services.

As you know, there were numerous acts of selfless heroism on Sunday night. Amidst unspeakable evil, the goodness of ordinary Americans shone through like a beacon:

That can’t be said across the political board. The usual suspects barely took time to draw breath before launching into their anti-gun talking points. (At least one clueless former presidential candidate has clearly been watching too many James Bond movies.)

Have you no shame? No sense of propriety?  How dare you try to politicize a national tragedy while people are still in the hospital, fighting for their lives, and while families try to track down their loved ones?

The person responsible for the unspeakable evil committed in Las Vegas on Sunday was found dead in a hotel room. Not the NRA. Not law-abiding gun owners. But Stephen Paddock.

Townhall’s Derek Hunter hits it out of the park in his October 5 column, After Las Vegas, Democrats Send In the Clowns.  A salient excerpt:

Liberals are assaulting the First Amendment’s protections for speech they don’t like. They’re assaulting religious liberty, and they’re aerial bombing the Second Amendment. To preserve these freedoms is going to require a never-ending fight. And that fight starts by telling these clowns trying to chip away further at any of our rights to get back in their car and go to hell.

Please take a few moments to read Hunter’s piece en toto.

Meanwhile, Dear Dems After Dark: What the h-e- double hockey sticks is wrong with you??!

With regard to after Las Vegas, what’s next?:

Step 1: Hug your kids. Hug your parents. Hug your spouse. Siblings. Best (friend(s) and loved ones. Don’t wait till tomorrow. Do it now.

Step 2: Leah Libresco’s October 3 opinion piece in the Washington Post: I Used to Think Gun Control Was the Answer. My Research Told Me Otherwise.

Your thoughts?