Montesano Bulldogs Hit The Streets With THIS

20151102_113955So I’m at the county admin building during a break in commish – ish action when the strains of a well-familiar tune reach my pricked ears. It sounds a whole lot like the Marine Corps hymn. You know: “From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli…”

By a marching band.

Thinking I’m teetering on the rim edge of a serious Ghirardelli deficiency, I dash outside.

Lo and behold, it’s part of the Montesano High School Marching Band. They’re chugging down W. Spruce Avenue near N. Main Street. Belting out the proudest service hymn in existence. Catchiest, too.

I asked the nice lady with the band what’s up. She says the band is practicing for its upcoming appearance in Saturday’s Veterans Day Parade in Auburn.

How cool is that?

They’re good, too. Almost better than my last raspberry chocolate Ghirardelli’s. Almost.

Semper Fi.


One thought on “Montesano Bulldogs Hit The Streets With THIS

  1. Semper Fi!

    Yes, they do sound incredible. I heard them practicing last Monday up at the school.

    I was there for an interview that they are putting together for their Veterans Day presentation next week. Several veterans have been interviewed apparently.

    I have never been to a Veteran’s Day event but my grandson is a freshman at Montesano and he invited me. Ya just don’t say no to grandkids…….

    One of the questions was, “What does Veterans Day mean to you?” I just had never thought about it, ever!

    I told the student interviewers, “In all honesty, Veterans Day has really never been a very big deal to me. I was drafted and I felt that when America calls, that is what all men and women do. It is a duty that must be fulfilled and veterans don’t expect to have a day just to honor them.”

    I left it at that and was satisfied with my answer…………..until I got home and told my wife about the interview.

    She climbed up one side of me and down the other explaining that Veterans Day was to honor the men and women who have died protecting our country!

    I now have a new perspective.

    Semper Fi!


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