Election Results & ‘Nothin’ But Love’

File:Paris Tuileries Garden Facepalm statue.jpg

Initial election results are in, panning out pretty much as expected.

For those who’ve asked why I haven’t responded to Chief Chihuahua and long-time Vini Operative Steven FriedRico and his rabid, ridiculous rants, the answer is simple: Who cares?

Most grown-ups have better things to do than bother with such a sad, sorry little man whose irrelevance is only exceeded by his arrogance. (Remember, this is the same Icon of Integrity who said he’d endorse Mayor Estes if the city administrator and city attorney bowed out. They did. He didn’t. … Pants on fire! And so it goes.)

BTW Princely, thanks for confirming everything anyone with half a brain already knows. Nice work.

So. Nothing’ but love to you, darlin’. Nothin’ but love. Like this:

Have a good one!















Wikimedia Commons – Alex E. Proimos