An Outbreak of “Pretty Cool” at County Commission – And A New Chair

County Admin Bldg 2You just never know when an outbreak of Pretty Cool is going to occur over at county. Okay, so it often takes place off-script. That’s why I always restock my private Ghirardelli’s stash in advance. You never know.

Anyway, today’s county action included the appointment of a new BOC Chair (hi, Vickie), flashing lights, bridges, and bats. (The flying kind on that last one. Not the Royals vs. Mets kind.)

On the flashing lights front, Commissioner Wes Cormier provided a “sneak peak” at a primo presentation he’s been working on for local schools. It’s a whiz-bang PowerPoint presentation on how county government works. What commissioners do. How, why, when, where, and who. It’s fun, informative and engaging. It even has flashing lights. He hopes to present it as a one-day class. The presentation is geared to engage high schoolers. I was enthralled.

The commishes voted in a new Chair this morning. Commissioner Frank Gordon moved to appoint Commissioner Vickie Raines to the BOC chairmanship, replacing outgoing Chair Wes Cormier. The chairmanship changeover occurs annually at the first public meeting following the November elections. Cormier seconded Gordon’s motion. The vote for Raines was unanimous. So there ya go.

Raines said she “appreciates the confidence my seat mates have in me” and that she “hopes to do an admirable job as we move the county forward.”

In other action – I’ve always wanted to say that – the watchword related to the county budget a la Budget Director Brenda Sherman remains “spend less or bring in more.” Well. That’s actually a phrase. Let’s not nit-pick.

Jeff Nelson of Environmental Health reminds all ya’ll – that’s Southern for “everyone” – to get your pets vaccinated, esp. for rabies. Cuz doggone if a cat (pun intended) in Jefferson County recently tested positive for that nastiness. (The disease, not the county.) He suspects the disease was transmitted by bats. You may also want to stock up on garlic. It can’t hurt, right?

Oh yeah. Apps will soon be available for a Camp Host position at Twin Bridges Park. They want to get a host in over the winter to reduce vandalism and generally keep an eye on the place. Not sure whether or not that includes bat patrol.

Oh yeah, again. The Camp Host is a volunteer position. Translation for libs: The Camp Host is a volunteer position. As in, unpaid. Watch for an ad in the newspaper.

Now. Go outside and chase a rainbow. I’ve seen two so far today. On the lookout for more. TTFN!