Veterans Day: NOW Would Be Good

Most veterans I know aren’t God. Or Hercules. Or Aristotle. (Okay, so there was that one guy. Oh, never mind.)

Like I said, most veterans I know don’t make a big deal out of Veterans Day. They see themselves as “Regular Joes” or “Josephinas” who did their duty. No fanfare. No names in lights. No whistles or bells. They just did their job.

A lot of people confuse Memorial Day and Veterans Day. But they’re not the same.

Fret not if you get these two holidays mixed up. I got ’em confused for years until a certain family member finally straightened me out. (It cost him dinner at The Salmon House. Nobody’s perfect.)

Anyway, here’s the main diff:

While those who died are also remembered, Veterans Day is set aside to thank and honor all those who served honorably in the military – in wartime or peacetime. The November holiday largely focuses on thanking living veterans for their service, and underscoring the fact that all who’ve served have sacrificed and done their duty. It is a day for thanks and appreciation.

While most veterans I know didn’t serve their country for accolades or applause, I still think they’re pretty special. And even a little bit extraordinary. Because they committed to serving something bigger than themselves.

You know how rare that is?

If you’re looking to say thank you, now would be good. So would every day. Don’t miss Ronald Reagan’s comments. At about 3:18: