“Let’s Roll”

Public Domain

You now know that Washington’s illustrious guv, Jay Jay Moonbeam, has invited Syrian “refugees” into our state.

The Jayster and President Moonbeam don’t seem to understand that some Americans – those with two functional brain cells – aren’t too hot on the idea, particularly in light of recent events in France. And France again. And a Russian airliner. And… Well. You get the picture. President Moonbeam has even gone so far as declaring that not taking in more Muslim “refugees” is “un-American.”

Like he’d know? (Flip side: At least Jimmy Carter doesn’t have to worry about “Worst President in U.S. History” anymore. That must be a relief. For Jimmy.)

Anyway, here’s what I have to say on the matter of Syrian refugees. Got a pencil or pen? Are you taking notes? Ready? Good. Cuz here it is, short and sweet:


Now, this may surprise you, but the phrase isn’t original with me. You may recall that it was the last thing Todd Beamer said before bolting out of his passenger seat on United Airlines Flight 93 and taking down a bunch of murderous thugs bent on death and destruction on September 11, 2001. (Yes, I read the book.)


Why am I am reiterating the phrase now? Well honey, if you think your “government” – what’s left of it – is making your personal safety a top priority, think again. Or you can just read the headlines. Or the latest round of Sheer Stupidity coming out of Josh Earnest and the Obama admin. Or the guv’s mansion in Olympia.

Likewise if you’re relying on law enforcement alone to keep you safe. Good luck with that one. The cops can’t be everywhere, all the time. You really willing to risk a busy signal on the next 9-1-1 call? Or no response at all? In an emergency, how do long do you want to wait till first responders arrive?

Here’s a tip: Your personal safety is your responsibility. Period. You don’t need to go nuts or start seeing bogey men behind every tree. But if you’re not prepared to defend yourself and your family now, you better get that way real fast. Especially with Gov. and President Moonbeam in office.

In other words: Let’s roll.