Just Askin’, J.D. Rossetti


JD RossettiYou may have heard of J.D. Rossetti. Formerly an aide for Rep. Brian Blake (19th L.D.), Rossetti was appointed last month to the open state rep seat vacated by Dean Takko when Takko took Sen. Brian Hatfield’s open seat upon the occasion of Hatfield’s resignation to work for Gov. Jay Jay Moonbeam.

Got that? Good. Now then:

According to Rossetti’s web site, J.D. is “a strong proponent of taking a pragmatic approach toward solving our complex challenges.” A Democrat, J.D. also says:

“I value input from our families, friends, and neighbors and I appreciate the opinions of our local community. I believe we must work together to create positive opportunities in our region.

Fine. So, in the interest of “valuing input,” I sent the following message to J.D. Rossetti on November 17 – twice:

Do you support or oppose Gov. Inslee’s invitation to Syrian refugees? Why or why not?

Will let you know when I receive a response. In the meantime, you may want to buy new hockey sticks for that ice rink in hell. Find more about Rep. Rossetti here.




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