Ralliers Refuse to be Cowed at Pro-Security Rally in Olympia

Washington State Legislative Building in Olympia

Don’t look now peeps, but a bout of sanity may be on the verge of breaking out in the People’s Republic of Washington State. You can thank Gov. Moonbat Inslee for that. Seems his latest stroke of lefty lunacy – hanging out the welcome mat for unvetted Syrian “refugees”- isn’t sitting too well with Washingtonians with half a brain.

The latter showed up in Olympia today to affirm a pro-American, pro-security, pro-sanity approach and protest Gov. Moonbat’s plan. If you were MIA for this afternoon’s little clam bake, you missed it. Cuz lemme tell ya, it was quite a party.

Read my first-hand account at: Washington State Citizen Activists Push Back on Governor’s Refugee Plan.

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Photo: Creative Commons