Attention Pound Puppies and Burke Barkers


Well, golly Moses if The Burkester didn’t take it in the chops on this one.

Judge Erik Price saw right through the B-boy’s Ringling Bros. circus act on his ‘wrongful termination’ lawsuit against the City of Montesano. The judge granted the city’s motion for summary judgment on the Burke case last Friday morning. The plaintiff’s claims were “dismissed, in their entirety, with prejudice.” Basically, that means The Burkester lost. Big time. And can’t refile the case.

Burke 1

Burke II

Burke 3

Some Mount Everest-sized apologies due Mayor Estes,, in light of this decision? But don’t hold your breath, peeps. Cuz that would require some moral fortitude and integrity. And we all know how scarce both are around the kennel.