Warm As Toast At County Commission

Going to let you in on a little secret today: Conference Room #1 at the county administration building is warm as toast on an otherwise igloo- ish day.

Okay. So that’s  not much of a secret. But it sure comes in handy for those of us who zip into fleece and don down every time the mercury dips below 68 degrees.

Inside this morning’s meeting with Commissioners Raines, Cormier and Gordon, the agenda was considerably less frigid and a little light. Budget meetings predominated much of all three commish calendars last week. But the fun stuff this morning wasn’t on the official calendar/agenda. We’re talkin’ matters ATV- ish and The Great Myrtle Street Water Balloon Donnybrook.

On the former, Montesano ATVers Larry and JoAnn Haynie were on hand to inquire about amending the recently passed ATV ordinance to include more access to more places. Like Glen Road. Routes to Friends Landing. Maybe all roads under 35 mph? Watch for some activity on this sometime next spring. Incidentally, the Haynies are with the Grays Harbor ATV Riders. Their next meeting is December 6 at Chen’s in South Bend. If you want more info., holler.

For the penguins and polar bears among us, Commissioner Frank Gordon invites everyone to the Myrtle Street Water Balloon  Donnybrook on Thanksgiving Day. It’s Aberdeen vs. Hoquiam. On Myrtle Street between Simpson and Sumner, from noon to 12:05. ‘Fize you, I’d bring a sweater. Maybe two or three.

Btw, a “Donnybrook” is a suburb of Ireland. The word also means a free-for-all. Comes from the annual ‘Donnybrook Fair’ noted for its brawls. They mean that in the nicest way possible. Besides, it’s too cold for a fair. I mean that in the nicest way possible. (This sounds a lot better if you brush up on your Irish brogue. Or bring toast.)