Does San Bernardino Shooting Beg Question on “Reducing Gun Violence”?

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Many are reeling from this morning’s shooting at a social services office in San Bernardino, CA. Early reports indicate that at least 14 people were killed and about 17 wounded. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.

This is a tragedy. Period.

But sure as night follows day – before salient facts have even been sorted out or nailed down – the anti-gun lobby tried using the tragedy to score political points.

This evening the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility shot out (pun intended) an email entitled, “Not again. This needs to stop.” WAGR are the same folks who brought you I-594. The December 2 email reads in part:

Whether it’s a mentally unstable person with a gun, a criminal with a gun, or a terrorist with a gun, we expect our elected leaders to do something. It’s time to take action to reduce the gun violence. We’re going to hold them accountable.

The facts of this incident are still unfolding, but it’s all too clear that our laws and policies on the books aren’t enough to keep us safe. Citizens like you are taking action and our leaders and legislators have to do the same. There’s simply no other choice.

Enough is enough. Please join us and pledge to hold the politicians accountable.

Talk about exploiting a tragedy to advance a political agenda. Ugh.

Read that second paragraph from the WAGR email again. Slowly. (That’s okay. I’ll wait.) Here. Lemme help: “… but it’s all too clear that the laws and policies on the books aren’t enough to keep us safe.” (Emphasis mine.)

So what will?

Beyond that, what does the bolded sentence mean? Because California already has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. Including background checks. Waiting periods. Magazine capacity restrictions. Buyer’s fingerprints. Purchasers must first pass a written test to obtain a “Firearm Safety Certificate.” Lifetime bans on gun ownership are in place to those classified as mentally disordered, sex-offenders or mentally incompetent.

Apparently none of this stopped the massacre in San Bernardino. So what is WAGR after?

Going out on a limb here, but guessing their answer to “reducing gun violence” is to… pass more laws. That only the law-abiding obey. And criminal thugs don’t give one whit about. How does that do anything other than embolden criminals from committing more crimes and creating more victims? How much more “illegal” do you have to make something in order for it to be really, really illegal? (Note to WAGR & Co.: These types of senseless tragedies aren’t hardware problems. They’re heart problems. Hello?)

Oh. Here’s the WAGR link to “hold them accountable.” Whatever that means. Lemme save you some time. Here’s what the pledge says when you click on the link:

Pledge to Hold Them Accountable

President Obama is right. Thoughts and prayers are not enough. We expect our elected officials to do their jobs and take action to reduce gun violence.

Gun violence is preventable.

We expect our leaders to help keep us safe. When they fail, I pledge to hold them accountable!

Some observations. Since when has President Clueless been “right” on… anything? With regard to expecting elected officials to “take action,” what kind of action? How? Impacting whom? Who’s responsible for your personal safety and your family’s – you or “our leaders”?

Details on this story are still coming in. Keep an eye out – and keep San Bernardino in your thoughts and prayers. As for WAGR, maybe they can take their own advice: Not again. This needs to stop.



Update – 6:18 p.m.: Male, Female San Bernardino Suspects Killed; Terrorism a Possibility