The Issue With “Is” – or – Why The JayVee Team is “Part of the Problem”

First things first: How do you like the falling snow? (Wait for it…) All we need is O. Henry, a fireplace, and industrial strength hot chocolate.

Dang. Fresh out of both (Don’t worry. My O. Henry stash is flush.) Meanwhile, I’ve been savin’ up this rant for about a week-ish. Between the gross misuse of personal pronouns in local “news” media and likening Syrian “refugees” to the Pilgrims, lib hypocrisy on Colorado Springs and everything else, it’s just so much stupid. All at once.

So here goes:

The Grays Harbor Herald. You know that puppy. The one you can read start to finish in about three minutes flat? I get such a kick out of the GH Herald. Yea, verily. This weekly rag is a veritable treasure trove for high school English teachers everywhere.

Case in point: The December 2 issue. Check out Cosmopolis takes care of business (notice the inconsistency in the cap/lower case headline, which is and isn’t at odds with other stories on the same page. But who’s counting?). Don’tcha love how votes in favor of whatever are “I” votes?

GH Herald

Newsflash: “I” is a personal pronoun. The correct word for a vote in favor is “aye.”

Still not countin’.

Not to be outdone, there’s this little gem from the lefty side of the lunatic aisle. Spring boarding off of President Clueless’ supercilious, salubrious lecture on Syrian refugees during his Thanksgiving Address, this meme was apparently an effort to sound…. supercilious and salubrious. Or something. It made the social media rounds in various iterations. Dumb Bell Version 1.0 looked like:

Thanksgiving meme3

Oh, the irony of Gulf States refusing aid and assistance to Syrian refugees while we’re preparing to accept same with open arms. Would you like some cranberries with that drumstick?

Additionally, I am shockedshocked! – at the level of insensitivity President Fore! demonstrated toward these refugees in his November 26 address. C’mon. We all know that the Pilgrims were a bunch of marauding genocidal maniacs bent on invading and wiping out indigenous populations for fun and profit, right? (Oh, wait. That’s ISIS.) So why is President Kum-By-Yah likening these nice Syrian folks to those Mayflower marauders? Talk about insulting!

While we’re at it, aren’t the Mayflower Pilgrims the worst thing that ever happened to North America? Since when did they become darlings of the loony left? You’d think libs would at least get their own hypocrisy right.

Can’t wait to see what the JayVee team is cookin’ up for Christmas

Then there’s the shooting at the Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs by a nut case. Read: Gun-toting, Bible-thumping, climate change denying, pro-life right winger, straight-white-male-over-40. Right? Because anyone in any of those categories is the bane of humanity and clearly unhinged, according to the left. Besides. We all know that a deranged lunatic is never responsible for his or her own behavior. Blame the “rhetoric.” Blame Carly Fiorina. Blame Ben Carson. Blame climate change. Blame the NRA. Trot out the Twinkie Defense.

Oh, and if you tweeted “Planned Parenthood sells body parts,” you’re “part of the problem.” Cuz it’s all about the rhetoric, right? Never mind the violence that goes on inside the nation’s top abortion provider every day. Whatever you do, don’t speak the truth. The DemoLib Gal Pal Outrage Machine wouldn’t like it.

Nothing to see here, people. Move along. Move along.

If it’s all about the rhetoric and no one is actually responsible for anything else, ever – a favorite chorus from the lefty amen corner – what about the epidemic of hate speech against conservatives? How ’bout campus Tolerance Nazis? Or the coddling college admins who, caving to campus cry babies, scurry to set up “safe zones” – for hate-spewers only? What about Debbie Wasserman Schultz? Nancy Pelosi? Whoopi Goldberg?

Talk about the “JayVee Team.”

Oh yeah. When’s the last time you heard any lefty shill saying rhetoric like this is “part of the problem”?

Like I said. So much stupid. So little time.

BTW: If you don’t know how or where to fight back or it all seems a bit overwhelming, consider starting here.

We will now return you to our regularly scheduled hot chocolate.


Photo credit: Jo Anslow from Cambridge.  Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons.