County Commissioners Move Forward


20151207_101644Dryin’ out yet? Good. Cuz looks like the animals are lining up two by two in Montesano these days. Diving into county biz today, the swim included matters budget-ish and Noahic.


For the gluttons for punishment among us, Budget Director Brenda Sherman presented an update on the County General Fund this morning. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.

The cliff notes version:

– Sales tax revenue is up a bit, somewhat off-setting the absence of a levy shift.

– The general fund cash flow has been slightly below last year’s, all year long.

– The sheriff’s office is requesting more moola.

– The overall  budget deficit isn’t exactly rosey, but the hole isn’t as deep as it once was.

On the latter, Commissioner Vickie Raines noted, “We still have a deficit, but it’s a million and a half less than when I came in in January.” She attributed much of the “slimmed down” deficit to Commissioner Wes Cormier’s reduction efforts. “We’re still in the red, but we’re scratching our way forward.”

“Side bars” (aka: Light-hearted stuff you’re not likely to find elsewhere):

– Weird striping on Blue Slough Road

– Dead recording batteries

– Crystal Mountain

– Fair boards – “better with less”

– “Female rooster”

– Chehalis Basin Fisheries Task Force, Coho, Chinook and chum (try saying that 10x fast)

– Culverts and stream habitats

– Long Swamp… sort of… everywhere last week

– The high tide/monsoon/deluge/hip boots samba… almost everywhere last week.

That’s pretty much a wrap. Keep an eye out for news on a Local Declaration of Emergency due to flooding. Also: If you see a county commish out wherever whenever, say “hello.” They’re not that scary. Scout’s honor. If you’re really brave, leave the complaining and caterwauling at home. Say “Thank you” instead. Just make sure you bring the smelling salts.