County Commissioners NOT to Blame Over Fire District Sign Flap

If you’re among the gentle souls burning county commissioner phone lines over the “Christmas message” on the Grays Harbor Fire District 1’s sign in Oakville, here’s a tip: stand down.

Contrary to an erroneous report by KIRO, the county commissioners had nothing to do with the “take down” order. Word is that little gem of rocket science – the result of a single complaint by some over-zealous Scrooge who obviously doesn’t have anything better to do – came from “a fire district 1 (one) fire commissioner,” according to a phone conversation with fire district public information officer Shawn Burdett.

In case you’re wondering: When asked if KIRO had contacted them for comment, County Commissioners Wes Cormier and Frank Gordon said “No.” Oopsie. (Commissioner Vickie Raines was excused from afternoon sessions due to illness.)

Got that? Good.

Here’s tip #2 (throwin’ this in for free): Dial back on the “county commissioners are morons” comments and similar sweet sentiments. Not their circus, not their monkeys.

If you’re gonna lodge a complaint about or respond to Perennially Offended Busybodies who don’t have anything better to do than be perennially offended, kindly do so with the responsibility party: the fire district.

Don’t forget your manners. Nobody likes an Ebenezer: 360.273.6645.




Update: KIRO has since updated and corrected its story. – Ed.


Photo credit: YuMaNuMa Creative Commons license.