‘Bedford Falls’ at County Commission


It was “light on the cinammon, heavy on the cloves*” at this morning’s county commissioners’ meeting. (If you didn’t get that, you probably won’t get the “Clarence Oddbody, A.S. II” reference either. So never mind.)

Here’s the ‘Bedford Falls’ recap:

– The commissioners attended lots of meetings last week. Everything from transit board to flood authority, to meetings with disability, public health, and public housing  boards. And so on.

– The salary grid for deputy prosecutors was also on this morning’s agenda.

-Parks. Fish. Snow at Donkey Creek?

On that second list item, Randi Toyra from the Prosecutor’s Office presented some background info. related to the salary grid and “step increases.” These occur every six months for deputy prosecutors until they’ve been with the office for six years and move higher up the food chain. Apparently these “$tep increases” haven’t taken place for the deps. for the last coupla years-ish. So can that be addressed, please? was the gist of the presentation from Toyra. (She was standing in for Prosecutor Katie Svoboda, who was up late last night with a sick child.)

Commissioner Vickie Raines asked Toyra if the proposed increase amounts were included in the office’s 2016 budget request and if the missed increases would be retroactive. Affirmative on the former; negative on the latter.

Referencing hard copy data Toyra presented, Commissioner Wes Cormier said he “wanted a week to look at it.” Raines suggested placing the matter on next week’s agenda. Look for a re-visit.

Later, Jeff Nelson of the Environmental Health Department said they’re looking into ways to get fish from hatcheries to local food banks as a protein source for food bank clients. Also, the Montesano Senior Center is looking to move into its permanent  facility next March-ish. It’s operating under a variance until then, which limits menu options.

According to Public Services Director Kevin Varness, an application has been received for the caretaker position at Twin Bridges Park. An app for a new caretaker at Vance Creek County Park will be forthcoming. In case you’re wondering.

Didn’t  see a sleigh with eight tiny reindeer. But someone said it may be snowing at Donkey Creek. Can someone kindly check on that and report back? And the UPS guy delivered lots of stuff. Still looking for that sleigh.

Speaking of ‘sleigh/slay’ – sort of – there’s NO 9:00 a.m. BOCC meeting next Monday. Just the regular 2:00 p.m. afternoon soiree. In case visions of sugar plums or the Bailey Building and Loan are dancing in your head.

* Don’t forget: “Every time a bell rings…” So keep an ear out. You never know. Meanwhile, keep an eye peeled for Bert and Ernie. You never know again.

Merry Christmas ‘Bedford Falls’!