County Commission Approves Salary Hike for Deputy Prosecutors

The Grays Harbor County Commission  approved salary increases for the Prosecutor’s Office at this morning’s regular meeting. The request, presented by Prosecutor Katie Svoboda, was for $8,500 for three deputy prosecutors for 2016. It passed on a two to one vote. Commissioners Frank Gordon and Vickie Raines voted in favor. Commissioner Wes Cormier was opposed, citng $ concerns. He also noted that the Prosecutor’s Office  has “the most aggressive pay scale in the county.”

Following considerable discussion, Commissioner Gordon motioned to approve Svoboda ‘ s request. Commissioner Raines offered a friendly amendment, adding “currently in the 2016 budget.” The $8,500 figure doesn’t include “bargained for” increases like COLAs.

A desire to revisit the Prosecutor’s Office salary grid so it better reflects experience and work elsewhere was expressed by all. The three-tenths of one percent tax hike likely to appear on the August ballot is also in play on this.

In voting no, Cormier expressed concern that the approval action “may set a precedent for other departments.”

There’s more. Stay tuned.