‘Oregon Standoff’ Poses Questions Bigger Than Bundy

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Where are you on the “Oregon standoff”?

You may recall that Ammon Bundy & Co. seized an unmanned, remote federal outpost in rural Oregon over the weekend to protest policies by the Bureau of Land Management and the re-imprisonment of two ranchers.

Those perennially poised to pounce on the “anti-government over-reach band wagon” are more or less crowing with glee over the turn of events. The grown-ups are more circumspect.

Whether you support the protest/occupation or not, the situation raises some bigger questions. Like:

  • Who died and made a federal district judge God?
  • What does “double jeopardy” mean?
  • Does the 5th Amendment mean anything, or is it just a suggestion?
  • How will Billary weigh in? (not that any really cares. Just thrown’ it out there.)
  • When did the Obama administration discover The Law?
  • Will Josh Earnest get a new suit?
  • When will the drive-by media likewise characterize the anarchistic Black Lives Matter movement as “terrorists”?

We all know that “terrorists” are whoever the Ruling Class Elites say they are. Unless it’s them. But I’d like to know when the media plans to get Ms. What Difference Does It Make? on record over the other #BLM blocking holiday traffic in Minneapolis at the airport and in the Mall of America.

Father and son Dwight and Steven Hammond quietly surrendered at a southern California federal prison on Monday. But the protestors refuse to leave. Doesn’t seem like they have any plans to hasta la vista, baby any time soon, despite the Hammonds’ family making it clear that they aren’t welcome.

Let’s hope and pray the situation is resolved justly and peacefully, and that no one gets hurt.


2 thoughts on “‘Oregon Standoff’ Poses Questions Bigger Than Bundy

  1. We, as rural Americans, whether Republican, Democrat or independent are just fed up with Washington D.C., Olympia and Montesano intruding into our everyday battle to just eke out a living.

    Honestly…………the thought did cross (however briefly) my mind to pack up and head to Burns. But, it still isn’t clear to me all the details involved here. The press is hardly a reliable source of all the facts!

    There are similar “fish to fry” right here in Grays Harbor. Our time will come that we will have to defend our homes, property and families. Sadly, that time is coming.

    LOL………….I can say that, not being a county commissioner!

    Happy New Year everybody!


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