Trump, Clinton, & Limoges

Wikimedia Commons

So The Donald and the Bill Clinton are mixing it up on the campaign trail. With less than a month till the Iowa caucuses, these two are duking it out over playing the “woman’s card” and World’s Biggest Sexist honors.

DemoLibs cry foul over Trump’s attacks on Bill Clinton. However, Billy boy became fair game the minute Hillary threw him out on the campaign trail in a rather transparent attempt to do what she can’t: campaign. By the way, isn’t Hillary a Billy enabler? Didn’t she take part in the efforts to silence and besmirch the women Bill abused? How is that pro-woman?

A few questions here: Given his track record, why does anyone listen to a word serial swine Bill Clinton says on anything? Moreover, where’s the DemoLib Gal Pal Outrage Machine when DemoLibs dudes act like swine? Remember when every DemoLib in town raced to the mics to condemn serial groper Bob Filner? Anthony Weiner? John Kerry? Serial philanderer Bill Clinton? The Chappaquiddick Kid?

Me neither. Apparently “sexism” and “war on women” only applies to the red side of the aisle.

For example, remember when Nancy Pelosi said of former San Diego Mayor/serial harasser Bob Filthy Filner,” What goes on in San Diego is up to the people of San Diego”? Remember the rhetorical hit squad Nancy & Pals launched against the idiotic “rape” comments of a certain male Republican whose initials are Todd Akin ? Remember when Pelosi wasn’t “here to make any judgments” on Akin, because his comments were a local matter?

Me neither again.

When a Republican male says or does something stupid, the Girl Power Liberal Outrage Machine kicks into high gear.  But if the war-wager is a fellow liberal, like good ‘ole Bill, not so much.

According to the DemoLib playbook, any lib Jerk du Jour can demean and humiliate any woman, anywhere as long as he supports “women’s issues” – that’s code for abortion-on-demand and funding for Planned Deathhood. “Just vote with us,” purr Pelosi and her Gal Pals, “and we’ll give you a pass” (you can take that any way you want).

Donald Trump may not be Prince Charming, but Bill Clinton lecturing anyone on “sexism” is like your friendly neighborhood Neanderthal instructing the Royal Copenhagen China Store on how to crate Limoges.

No wonder the Democrat party mascot is a jackass.