You Don’t Need to Be Concerned About Obama’s Executive Action on Guns

Gun Twisted

So President Pants on Fire’s latest end-run around Congress that’s not an end-run around Congress has some peeps seeing red. Aw, c’mon, folks. Lighten up. Cuz his latest executive action on guns is clearly within his authority. We know this because Obama mouthpiece Valerie Jarrett says so.

Speaking on Tuesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” the Obama senior advisor laid out the case for Obama’s executive action on guns plain and simple for the peasants:

“Let’s be specific – the president isn’t circumventing Congress. He’s doing what’s clearly within his authority to do. What he’s doing is well within the existing statute. He’s trying to make sure he does everything within his power to keep guns out of the wrong hands. Congress has a responsibility for acting. We welcome the opportunity to work with them to pass legislation. But they’ve made it very clear that they don’t intend to act. And so in their absence of action, we’re going to do what we can do. To be clear, Chris – the door is always open for us to engage with them and work on what we can do to make America safer.”

Told you not to worry.  According to Herr Jarrett, even when the president isn’t “circumventing Congress,” he’s circumventing Congress. But only when the legislative branch doesn’t do what he wants, when he wants. Got that? Besides. If you can’t trust an Obama apparatchik, who can you trust?



H/T: Breitbart