Is The Cruzster ‘Crazy,’ or ‘Crazy Like a Fox’?

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When it comes to political strategy, there’s carpet bombing anything that moves, and there’s laser-guided precision bombing. There’s hacking away with a Claymore and there’s artfully wielding a rapier. There’s a lumbering Clydesdale and there’s… Secretariat. (Translation for libs: “There’s hacking away with a Claymore and there’s artfully wielding a rapier. There’s a lumbering Clydesdale and there’s… Secretariat.” The last two are horses. You’re welcome.)

Remember Ted Cruz’s “New York values” comment during Thursday’s GOP presidential debate? That, friends was Secretariat. Donald’s social media response is a Clydesdale.

Some tagged Cruz’s comments as “stupid” (hi, Michael Medved). “Insulting” said others. (Hi, Shrillary & Co. Like she’d know?) Others said the Texas senator was “crazy” for injecting the remark into this horse race.

Was Cruz crazy for goin’ there? Or crazy like a fox?

I think the latter. Here’s why:

By injecting “New York values” into the race, Cruz grabbed the narrative, sank both hands into its jugular, and jerked it his way. He threw Trump onto defense, forcing him to defend “New York values” – which fly like a brick most places outside the Holland Tunnel. Also, Cruz goaded The Mouth into tipping his hand. The Cruzster opened the door for the sophomoric Shrillster to show himself as a sophomoric Shrillster. And he did. With both feet.

In fact, the Mouth That Never Sleeps took the bait hook, line, and sinker.

While The Donald launched into Meltdown Mode, Cruz suavely shifted the narrative in such a way that he was able to shine the light on Trump’s liberal record. And while MicDonald (sic) unleashed a tirade of ad hominems and other dumb stuff on the Texas senator, Cruz kept his cool. The senator remained focused on the issues, reminding voters that “New York values” means de Blasio, Cuomo and Shrillary – and tying Trump to all of the above.

Also, Cruz scored this hat trick not by stooping to TheDonCon’s level and responding in kind, but by deploying humor, grace, and rapier wit – making The Donald look small and shrill and silly in the process. You know, like The Donald.

That friends, isn’t “stupid” or “crazy.” That is sheer genius. The calling card of a master tactician. (Can you see Shrillary opposite Cruz on a debate stage?)

The “proof,” as they say, “is in the pudding.” Know who won yesterday’s presidential straw poll – in New York? Take a wild guess. Hint: It wasn’t The Mouth.

Yo, Donald: Ted is one pit bull ya don’t want to mess with. If you want to rumble, fine. But your target acquisition skills need work. Try aiming at the real opposition: A New York carpetbagger from Arkansas, a Vermont socialist, and the “3D Party” – Democrats, the Party of Debt, Despair and Dependency. If you can’t acquire the correct target, guy, then do us all a favor and either scare up some new silks* or kindly shut the pie hole.


* You’ll get that if you follow Thoroughbred racing. If not, never mind.