Sedition at the State Capitol

MFL 1It was wet and a bit wild today at the annual March for Life at the State Capitol in Olympia.

The Coat Hanger Brigade stood quietly and politely during the festivities. Apparently ecstatic that Evergreen State College canceled classes today, these youngin’s were model citizens. Paragons of virtue. Polite. Respectful. Charming. Tolerant.


The 40 or so CHBers shrieked “My body, my choice” and that toe-tapin’ tune, “Not the church, not the state, women will decide their fate.” On the taxpayer’s dime. (They left that part out.) Sweethearts all, they also hurled a lot of other choice epithets and colorful metaphors. Most of them were poster children for the white, under 30, spoiled frat brat crowd.

By contrast, the gazillion pro-lifers on the other side represented a cross-section of  society. A variety of races and ethnicities. Grandma and grandpas. Moms pushing babies in strollers. Catholics. Protestants. Near. Far. Couples. Singles. Families. Infants. Teens. Seniors. And all points in between.

These folks engaged in equally incendiary conduct. You know, like singing “God Bless America.” Reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in unison. Singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children.” Praying. Reciting the Lord’s Prayer. And other seditious, subversive stuff. (The pro-life side managed to pull all this off without a single expletive. The latter was standard for the Coat Hanger Brigade. Probably due to a limited vocabulary, a deplorable lack of creativity and competent English 101 profs.)

In terms of crowd size, the steps of the Legislative Building proved inadequate. Pro-lifers spilled over onto the Temple of Justice steps, surrounding and swallowing all the little pro-death shillsters. For those of us who waded in and stood in the thick of the Coat Hanger Brigade, lemme tell ya, was that ever fun.

I tried. No. Really. I did. Decked out in my best Ultra Brite smile and Frog Toggs, I even tried introducing myself to some of these darlings. Four times. Not a one would shake my hand. So I just smiled sweetly and asked God to bless them. Out loud. And winked.

They love that.

Rally speakers included Sen. Jim Hargrove  (Hoquiam) “the only Democrat out here today.” He urged more Ds to join him. Good luck on that one, bub. Other legislators who spoke included Sen. Jan Angel, Representatives Drew MacEwen, Elizabeth Scott, Steve O’Ban, Mark Hargrove, Jesse Young, Sen. Mike Patton (Spokane), and Sen. Barbara Bailey (Whidbey Island). Others I missed. Sorry ’bout that. I was busy smiling sweetly at the screaming meemie screaming in my ear.

O’Ban won me over. I love anyone who can quote the Saint Crispin Day speech from Henry V. Rep. Matt Shea led the crowd with a “pro life” cheer. Man, that guy’s as shy and retiring as a junkyard dog.

Did I mention I love junkyard dogs? They make great ‘seditionists.’ Can we get a few more?


P.S.: More photos to follow. Kindly keep your shirt on.


2 thoughts on “Sedition at the State Capitol

  1. Nice to see you today Eowyn. Since I was standing out in the rain holding a leg district sign, just in front of the crowd; I can attest that the polite, respectful, charming and tolerant, paragons of virtue in front of the Temple of Justice, (I hate that title),kept their sound under control, we could not hear a word they may have uttered.


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