FRIDAY FUN: GH Dems & ‘What Country is Mount Rushmore In?”

Mark Dice, man-on-the-street-interviewer extraordinaire, recently asked San Diego beach goers to name the country in which Mount Rushmore is located. Watch these responses. (Can you say “Common Core grads”?)

Wait a minute. On closer inspection, Dice wasn’t interviewing San Diego beach goers. He was obviously talking to Grays Harbor Democrats, whose breathless embrace of Vermont socialist Feel the Bern rivals these beach folks’ grasp of basic Geography. My bad.

Remember: B.S. for President 2016!

Grays Harbor Democrats

Dear Democrats,


On Saturday, January 23, Bernie Sanders will be making a special address to his most
passionate supporters.

He wants to deliver a live video message to you.

It is time to get focused on the work necessary to pull off victory in the early states and beyond.

Be part of the Grays Harbor effort to elect Bernie,

Join us in Aberdeen on Saturday, January 23, at 2:30 PM

Furford Gathering Center, 104 S. Chehalis, Aberdeen.

The live video will begin at 3:00 PM.

To sign up and get a location map, go to this link,
put in a password you make up, and click “Find an event”: 

Grays Harbor Democratic Party