Busy Day at County Commission

Admit it. You’re dying to know what the 121 W. Broadway property the Grays Harbor County Commissioners decided to purchase looks like. (If you don’t get that, kindly review the prior post. That’s okay. I’ll wait.)

Don’t worry. I’ve gotcha covered:



These were taken before the next monsoon started heading in. (You’re welcome again.)

A few other things from today’s doin’s at the county you may want to know about include Declarations of Emergency, bacon and eggs, county email and internet access (yes, they’re back), flooding, and transparency in government. And coloring books.

First things first. County Engineer Russ Esses submitted an emergency declaration to the commissioners this morning. The cover letter explains:

“Last week’s rainstorm caused several landslides that damaged our road system. Please sign the attached emergency declaration allowing staff to make immediate repairs as needed.”

Here’s the 4-1-1: Declaration of Emergency 01.25.16

Commissioners Vickie Raines and Wes Cormier passed the declaration at this afternoon’s business meeting. Commissioner Gordon was excused due to illness.

County roads accrued about $30K – $40K in damage from last week’s storm. Hint: Blue Slough Road, which will most likely be closed for the rest of the week. (‘Fize you, I’d start scaring up some gopherwood and scuba gear in light of the forecast for the rest of the week. Just a friendly suggestion.)

Another item that came up this afternoon: coloring books. (That’s sort of an inside joke. 🙂 )

There will be a Greater Grays Harbor, Inc. meeting at the GH Country Club tomorrow morning. Rep. Derek Kilmer is scheduled to attend. In case you’re extra hungry for bacon and eggs. Or at least bacon.

Also, if you’ve been tearing your hair out trying to access the county web site or do email last week, join the club. Internet access was down from Tuesday afternoon till today. Don’t blame the county. The glitch was on the provider’s end. The good news: Commissioner Raines said no known lapses in the 9-1-1 system occurred during the internet ouchie.

Meanwhile, the county’s new web site will hopefully go live sometime mid-year, said Commish Raines. It’s a work in progress. Stay tuned. (“Kids, don’t try this at home!”)

Another tidbit-ism: This afternoon’s media session was about 100 times longer than the two o’clock business meeting. Well, okay. Maybe only 99 times.

Reminder: media sessions are open to the public. A brainchild of Commish Cormier, the afternoon sessions were implemented in 2015 to help promote transparency in government. They’re every Monday afternoon following the regularly scheduled 2:00 meeting.

During today’s media session, a lot was said about alleviating flooding. Think ark. (Naw. Not really. Just kiddin’.) Commish Cormier said he didn’t “fully support” the Wishkah Road project, citing objections to the eminent domain component of the project. He said he supports other components of the project. Also a lot of other stuff regarding rain water run-off and tidal flooding, etc. (I was in dire need of a Ghirardelli’s infusion at this point, so I kinda nodded off. I’ll let Corey fill you in.)

Speaking of open government and transparency, Commish Raines said this afternoon that “We’ve turned a corner here.” She said the commissioners have done some strategic planning and cited achievements in open government and transparency like the media sessions and opening workshops to the public. These are in place to “heighten public awareness” of what’s going on in local government.

Give the commishes credit, peeps.  A simple “thank you” doesn’t hurt. You may even say “hello” now and then. They’re not that scary. Scout’s honor.