FRIDAY FUN: Frozen First

Unless you’ve been in a cave or a coma lately – or watchin’ too much Fox News – you know we love The Piano Guys.

Steven Sharp and Jon Schmidt aren’t just a world-class cellist and pianist. They’re also a hoot and a half. We’re talkin’ serious fun here. These guys love what they do. And it shows.

Sharp ears will recognize the first “frozen” movement of The Four Seasons in this Let It Go/Vivaldi mash-up. If you don’t know what that is, listen up! Check out the frozen grand piano + ice cello (hopefully they have good insurance).

Throwin’ “TPG Behind The Scenes” in for free.  Jon the traffic cop… “If you fall, save the camera…” “Professionally trained stunt cello…” “All piano guys died filming this…” Olaf… “That’s our thing…” “That’s a little too much…”

Ready? Set? You may want to bring a sweater:

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