More on Suspected ISIS Sympathizer Arrested in Grays Harbor

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Unless you’ve been orbiting Mars or working on your tan in a Siberian gulag lately, you know that suspected ISIS sympathizer and Montesano resident Daniel Seth Franey was arrested last week on firearms violations charges. That’s right. A suspected ISIS sympathizer, “right here in River City.” (If you didn’t get that, check with Prof. Harold Hill. Or dig up 75 trombones.)

Franey “has issues,” as they say. Among other things, this charmer is described as any Army deserter with a history of mental illness. He’s been jailed on charges of harassment and assault in the past.  Via The News Tribune:

The suspected Islamic State sympathizer arrested last week in Grays Harbor County has a history of mental illness and was jailed in the past on charges of harassment and assault, according to court records from Illinois and Alaska.

Daniel Seth Franey, 33, now faces up to 10 years in federal prison if convicted of handling firearms in violation of an Illinois protective order that his former partner filed against him.

“In the past, Daniel has been abusive physically and emotionally during the entire relationship,” his former partner wrote to renew the order in March 2014 after Franey phoned her at work and told her he wished she was dead. …

Franey was in the Army from 2002 to 2008 with air defense artillery units in Texas and in South Korea. He told federal agents he was a deserter, and the FBI’s review of his military records supported that description.

According to the Tribune:

  • Franey was convicted of fourth-degree assault, harassment, criminal trespassing and making a false report in December 2006 in southern Alaska.
  • Franey was hospitalized in 2009 for mental health issues, according to his former “romantic partner.”
  • Franey had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder with manic psychotic tendencies, according to the same woman.
  • An acquaintance reportedly chased Franey off his porch with a shotgun after Franey insisted the man swear allegiance to the Islamic State and fly its black flag.
  • Franey allegedly wanted to kill Marines, soldiers and police officers.
  • Last year Franey reportedly told a Grays Harbor acquaintance, “We’re going to be cutting cops heads off.”

Interesting sentence, that last one. Who’s the “we” part of “we’re”?

Here’s another interesting item buried in the Tribune story. You might be interested in paragraph two. Does that include Oregon? LaVoy Finicum?

The FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in Seattle typically has 75 to100 open inquiries into reported extremists in the Northwest at any one time, officials have said. …

The extremists the agency investigated include people supporting Islamic radicals, so-called sovereign citizens who reject government authority and hard-core environmental activists.

One other thing: What’re the odds that I-594or any similar measurestopped Franey from obtaining his firearms?

While we’re counting. Let’s do a quick tally.  San Bernadino. Chattanooga, TN. Oklahoma. A restaurant/deli in Columbus, OH. Montesano, WA. What do they have in common?  What do you think about The Jayster’s plan to “welcome” around 20,000 Syrian “refugees” into the Evergreen State?

I asked Reps. Steve Tharinger and Kevin Van de Wege (24th L.D.) the last question.  On January 28. It went like this:

Do you support or oppose Gov. Inslee’s proposal to “welcome” Syrian refugees into the state? Please advise. Thank you.

Haven’t heard back yet. Think I’ll ask again in light of the Franey arrest. Will keep you posted.

One last question: Where’s Montesano Mayor Samuel?




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Feds: Army Deserter Who Supported ISIS Faces Gun Charges