Vere’s Valdo in Montesano?


Remember “Where’s Waldo? The guy who’s eternally lost in the crowd? Never around when you need him?

Is he surfing “free” Wi Fi in downtown Montesano? Did he swap his red-and-white striped duds for green paint?

You already know that a suspected ISIS sympathizer was recently arrested in Montesano as the result of an FBI sting op. That was over a week ago. Well, where’s the mayor? Has Vini gone ‘Valdo’?

You’d think that Mayor Samuel might have something to say on the subject. Maybe issue a brief statement. Offer a pithy comment or two. Show some concern. Leadership.  Indicate that she’s at least tangentially cognizant of what’s going on in Bulldogsville.

Did we miss that memo?  Did the dogs eat it? Are carrier pigeons on strike? Has Team Clean Sweep misplaced its broom?

Redecorating city hall must be so exhausting.

‘Team Clean Sweep Montesano awaits flying pigs.’ (Wikimedia Commons)



2 thoughts on “Vere’s Valdo in Montesano?

  1. Forget it. You’ll never smoke her out of her cave. She made it clear to all the city employees that she does not want to see her name in the newspaper. Em.


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