Streeter Jumps PUD Ship To Become Monte CFO

Wikimedia Commons

Well. That didn’t take long.

Conservelocity has obtained the following announcement regarding Vini henchman and Anybody But Estes campaign top dog Doug Streeter’s departure from the PUD. Guess where he’s going?

From: Dave Ward
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2016 8:14 AM
To: GHPUD Staff
Subject: Announcement
Importance: High

Good morning.

I am truly sorry to announce Doug Streeter has accepted employment elsewhere and will be leaving Grays Harbor PUD.  After numerous discussions with Doug, this is a bittersweet moment for me. I really hate to lose a good employee and yet I’m happy for him with the opportunity he is being offered. During his time here at the PUD, he has added tremendous value; accomplishments like refinancing our debt to save the ratepayers millions of dollars, serving as the Interim General Manager and leading us thru numerous State financial audits with no findings, just to name a few. He was also invaluable to me as I worked to get up to speed on the issues at the PUD when I was hired. I will miss him and I wish him well. His new employer is very fortunate to have him.

We are starting our search to fill his position as soon as possible. Doug will be following up this announcement with a personal email.

Please join me in congratulating him.



A former Montesano mayoral candidate, Streeter has reportedly been hired by the City of Montesano to take on the newly created job of CFO/Director of Economic Development!

Ain’t that sweet?!