Grays Harbor County Coroner Goes Above & Beyond

Every once in a while a public servant goes above and beyond the call of duty. Sometimes way beyond.

That’s the case with Grays Harbor County Coroner Lane Youmans. A Friday evening report by Q13 Fox details how Youmans took custody of nearly 200 unclaimed cremated remains when the Whiteside Family Mortuary closed its doors about a year ago.

Although Youmans was told he has no legal responsibility to take care of the unclaimed remains, he couldn’t just ignore them. So he stepped in to protect them and is working to locate family members. Here’s the report:

Incidentally, Youmans is also an engaging interview. I talked to him awhile back for some background information on a story about how Youmans Road got its name. I called during lunch to schedule a phone interview. He called back inside of 20 minutes.

I was impressed.