A Little Off-The-Grid Weirdness at County Commission

Wikimedia Commons

At first blush, the agenda for today’s county commissioners doin’s looked fairly pedestrian. Nothing unusual. Frankly, some of these weekly shindigs move with the speed of a growing redwood. Others fly by like Secretariat at the Belmont Stakes. Most of these soirees are somewhere in between. But there’s always the possibility of some mondo bizarreo stuff flying in from left field.

Like today. The latter included a sort of unofficial presentation by Mike Harris and Odis Warren (that’s not a typo) with the Veterans Relief Fund and a temporary kerfuffle that drew in the Sheriff’s Office and resulted in locked doors.

And lemme tell ya, that locked door thing was weird.

Apparently a lady called the county saying she was going to die and wasn’t going to die alone. County personnel said the woman threatened to show up on the premise later this a.m., probably not with milk and cookies. (Call it a wild guess.) This went down during the nine o’clock hour.

Per Commissioner Frank Gordon, the unnamed woman making the threat is reportedly a combat vet who’s living in the woods. She’s frequently armed. And not exactly “all there,” if you know what I mean. She’s issued similar threats before.

You’ll be glad to know she hasn’t shown up and everyone’s safe and sound as of this writing.

Speaking of safe and sound, beware “underground/off-the-grid” razor clam distribution per Jeff Nelson of Environmental Health Services. Don’t buy this stuff from a used car salesman. Ditto crabs. In case you’re wondering.

More later. TTFN.