UPDATE: She Showed Up

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You’ll have to pardon county personnel if they seem a bit jumpy today. They probably are.

Remember that lady-with-a-threat I mentioned in the last post? Well, she showed up at the county admin building in Montesano this afternoon.

Yea, verily. If you’ve never sat in a county conference room when someone with a history of mental health issues and threat-making is just a door way away, you don’t know what you’re missing.

We were all in that boat at around 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. I never saw the woman in question. But I heard her. She was clearly not a happy camper.

I moved closer to the nearest exit. And kept a clear eye.

The commissioners’ afternoon business meeting wrapped up without incident at about 2:20. Commissioner Vickie Raines was excused from the business meeting. She was “assisting” law enforcement with the woman in the lobby.

The afternoon media Q and A session, which is typically held in conference room 1 (the small one) of the building, remained in the large conference room while the woman was on site. During that session, Commissioner Frank Gordon was asked what was going on. Commenting on the situation, Gordon explained, “We knew the individual was in a very agitated state and to make sure everyone was safe, we had the sheriff come over.”

He added that they (sheriff’s office personnel) “are going to make sure the individual is safe and doesn’t do any harm to herself.” Gordon also spoke about getting the woman to the hospital and possibly getting her help from the V.A. due to her veteran’s status.

Commissioner Raines re-joined the session shortly thereafter. She said an officer took the individual to Grays Harbor Community Hospital.

The individual, who remains unnamed, is said to have a history of erratic behavior.

Peeps, you can be proud of your county officials on this one. They responded quickly and decisively while remaining calm and professional. This oughtta at least be worth some extra hot fudge or something.