Grab Your Palm Frond – Montesano Savior Sighted

It’s official. Last week we told you that Doug Streeter, Vini Bot Extraordinaire, was jumping the PUD ship to become the new CFO/Director of Economic Development for the City of Montesano. To no one’s amazement, Streeter was confirmed as same at Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

Let’s hope Streeter takes as much tender care of city moola and resources as he did with same at the PUD:

Small Works Contractor Scores Big Against Public Utility, District Judge Then Slaps Utility For Illegal Contracting

PUD Outlines Changes in Wake of 2007 Storm, Spradlin Suit

Lots more from that well. But just for fun (The link to this November 2011 Daily World story is kaput. You have to dig up a hard copy from the archives. Don’t worry. I gotcha covered. Keep reading):

The Daily World | PUD delivers $4.43 million check for Spradlin

Spradlin said he had heard nothing from the PUD until he was informed Tuesday evening that the check had been delivered to the court. The amount was about…


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Jack M.: A $200,000 variance on interest calculations? Someone sucks at math. It will be interesting to find out which side is in error.

November 17, 2011 at 3:41pm · Like

Cathy R.: Yeh and by looking at our pud bills–it looks like everyone instead of the pud is paying that bill.We are now paying 2 separate rates–we dont have 2 meters–but now we have 2 rates—-so thats the only thing that explains it—pud gets off free cuz they are just going to get the money from the customers.Looks like another lawsuit coming for the pud if enough of us can get together and file.

December 15, 2011 at 1:05pm · Like

See? Told ya all good things come to them that wait:

PUD Delivers $4.43 Million Check for Spradlin;

PUD Delivers $4.43M Check for Spradlin, page A5

All this great stuff on Streeter’s CFO-ish watch. Can’t wait till he turns Monte water into whine. (That’s not a typo.)

And from the Hosanna! section of the Boycott Aberdeen, Buy Vini chorus: Thank You For Your Service, Doug Streeter.

Ain’t that sweet?

A former city council member and mayor wannabe, Streeter was reportedly a member of the committee that tapped him for the Monte job. All part of that “building trust and confidence” thang.