Washington State GOP Caucuses & Camp Cry Baby


I don’t usually feature anything from Camp Cry Baby, aka, The (Pseudo) Reagan Wing. Frankly, who cares? But someone with way too much time on their hands sent me a link with TRW’s take on the Washington State GOP caucuses.

Didn’t hear about that little clam bake? It was last Saturday, February 20. Here’s a pseudo recap via TRW. (It’s pretty slanted, but probably the best they can do):

All over the State of Washington on Saturday (Feb. 20), Republicans held their equivalent of the Iowa Caucuses – but with much different results. The average attendance at one of Iowa’s 1,687 caucuses in 2016 was over a hundred people.

We have no “official” reports in Washington, but based on our initial investigation the average number of people attending a Washington State GOP caucus in 2016 may have been 1. You read that correctly. One. Perhaps less. And the reasons are clear. …

If you’re not busy watching paint peel, you can read the rest at: GOP Ghost Town. The conclusions are kinda sorta hilarious. Especially this, toward the very end of that sagacious TRW post:

Grays Harbor County

Former Party Official:  “As a PCO, I boycotted the caucuses, because of what the Party has done to limit the voice of the people. I have been boycotting for several months, now.”

What the professional whiners at The Reagan Wing don’t tell you is that this sanctimonious “former party official” is no doubt Mikey Thompson, former Grays Harbor Republican Party Chair. That li’l darlin’was booted out of office in disgrace in 2013, having racked up Guinness Book of Worlds honors for the number of people he could alienate within a nano-second. Apparently the Boo-Hoo Brigade and Co. have never gotten over it.

Oh, and that boycott thing? Don’t let the door hitcha on your way out, bub.

Exit questions:

Did you attend last Saturday’s GOP caucuses? Why or why not? What do you think of TRW’s assessment?

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