Riches to Rags Part 2 of 2: Econ 101 for Young Socialists & Feel the Berners


Okay, class. Time for a little pop quiz. What country am I describing? (This is easy if you caught the last post. If you didn’t, shame on you. Cuz it’s darn brilliant. Well, if you insist: Here’s the cheat sheet. That’s okay. I’ll wait.)

  • “Fundamental change” and an appeal to the middle class
  • Mandatory pension insurance
  • Mandatory health insurance
  • Redistribution of income
  • Government support for low-income housing construction and to “stimulate” the economy
  • A national economy controlled by the state, crushing the private sector
  • Massive social spending
  • Lots of neat new taxes to pay for all the government “freebies”
  • Populist rhetoric aimed at “taxing the rich”

Sound familiar? Then check this out:

Yeah, I know the video is seven whole minutes-ish long. It won’t kill you to watch it. (Trust me on this one.) It’s well worth the look-see. That’s cuz it’s not just Eva. And don’t just cry for me, Argentina… Especially the next time you hear Senator Santa Claus or Ms. What Difference Does It Make? saying the same dadgum things on the campaign trail. Or pretty darn close. When DemoLibs laddle out this kind of clap trap – which is pretty much the only kind they have – remember one word: Argentina.

For any foggy-headed young friends or other muddle-headed sycophant you know leaning toward the blue side of the aisle this election cycle, make them watch the video. Ply them with all the free pizza they can eat if you have to. That oughtta work well with that crowd.

Then smile sweetly and chirp, “Okay, kids. What do you get when you vote DemoLib?” Hint #2: You don’t get “free” anything. You get… Argentina. Because government bankrupts everything it touches. Because “I’m from the government and I just want to help you” isn’t the answer. It’s part of the problem.

It’s why friends don’t let friends vote DemoLib.

Who’s with me?