GH GOP County Convention: The Good,The Bad, and Another Motion to Amend…

20160326_102020About 55 delegates to the Grays Harbor Republican Party County Convention and a few guests converged on the American Legion Hall in Aberdeen today. The festivities kicked off around 10:00. Everyone played nice. The agenda included candidate statements, adoption of a county party platform and resolutions, and electing 14 delegates to the WSRP convention in Pasco in May.

Five candidates had a noticeable presence at today’s doin’s: Ted Cruz, Wes Cormier, Bill Bryant, Phillip Yin (Lt. Gov) and Jim Walsh.  Pat Tarzwell, 6th Congressional District for Ted Cruz Campaign Chair, manned the Cruz table and spoke on the senator’s behalf.

The convention opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by County Commissioner Wes Cormier. GH GOP PCO and county delegate Devin Backholm led the Invocation.

Initial questions from the floor swirled around the Washington State Republican Party’s state convention in May and the national convention in Cleveland in July. And whether delegates are “bound” to vote for a certain candidate at either. (Short answer: Not really.)

Some debate ensued over

the local party platform. GH GOP Chair Jim Walsh noted that the current platform, which originated back around 2010 or so, was intended to be as simple, basic, and as “short and philosophically broad” as possible while retaining fidelity to the founding documents. Several delegates expressed concern about firm pro-life verbiage, original intent and “sacred rights.” The current platform was eventually approved with minor changes after about 40 minutes-ish of discussion.

Didya get all that?

County Commissioner Wes Cormier spoke early on. He began by noting that the state wacko party (my words, not his) is holding its caucuses today. DemoLibs are deciding “whether they’re going to nominate a criminal or a socialist” as their presidential nominee, he joked. “Republicans who are elected to office (in Grays Harbor) start at the bottom and face an uphill battle” he said, citing issues related to fiscal conservatism and keeping government accountable and efficient.

“Thank you so much for what you’re doing,” said Walsh as Cormier concluded. “Wes has been fighting the good fight, often by himself. Keep up the good fight.” Walsh urged delegates to support Cormier’s re-election bid saying, “Let’s make sure Wes gets re-elected.”

I’d give you a rundown on the resolutions. But I’m fresh outta No Doze. And Chinese water torture. (You can thank me later.)

It’s later. 🙂

Bagged lunches: I love Cool Ranch Doritos. Ditto Oreos.

After about a million years or so of resolution wrangling, delegates opted to pause on resos and go straight into electing delegates to the state convention.  This was at around 2:00 p.m. And lemme tell ya, was that ever fun.

Some of the state delegate/alternate nominees did the Wishy-Washy Two Step on their presidential preference. Others expressed support for candidates who are no longer in the running, like Carson and Rubio. Several del wannabes expressed disgust with the sleazy name-calling and mud slinging going on in this election cycle. Point of Agreement: ABH (“Anybody But Hillary”).

Of the 15 potential delegates who were present and spoke, 11 expressed varying degrees of support for Ted Cruz.

Voting on state dels commenced at about 2:40. Per state rules, 50% plus one on the first ballot was required to nail down a seat at the State convention. 47 ballots were cast on ballot numero uno. After the 1st ballot, 38 delegates hung in on the floor. (‘Attrition,’ don’tcha know.)

Grays Harbor is allocated 14 delegates to the state convention. Fourteen delegates were voted in on the first ballot. Results were announced at about 3:45. Most who were voted in and headed to Pasco voiced support for Cruz.

Note: Jim Walsh commented that each presidential campaign was noticed about today’s convention. Only one had a presence and showed up. Cruz Crew.


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