County Commission & Meringue


Meringue. It’s light. It’s fluffy. It’s delish. Like this morning’s county commissioners agenda. (Lest you think that’s some sort of slam, let me clarify that I love meringue. Esp. lemon. Once in a while. Some agendas are like that.)

So this morning the commishes unanimously approved a hire request for a legal secretary for the Prosecutor’s Office. The position opened due to a resignation. The salary is listed as $3,129/mo. You may want to update your resume.

The commishes also approved the suspension of lay off notices for 30 days for select Public Health & Social Services employees, from March 31 to April 30.

Oh yeah. Do not ask weird questions when conducting job interviews. “Do you believe in Bigfoot?” and “Have you ever been on a boat?” are verboten. Also something about fuzzy tennis balls. (I’ve been following Wimbledon since Chris Evert and Bjorn Borg, but didn’t quite get that.)

And yes, it was indeed freezing outside this morning. How’s that windshield ice scraping thing going?

Btw, Lori has re-upped her candy dish: Reese’ s peanut butter eggs. In case you’re wondering. Between that and meringue and a little sunshine, yours truly is happy as a clam. (It doesn’t take much) More later.