‘One For The Money, Two For The Show…’


‘…three to get ready, now….

The lyric seemed to fit this afternoon’s Grays Harbor County Commission meeting. It included ‘getting ready-ing.’ And some don’t step on my shoe-ing, blue suede or otherwise. (If you didn’t get that, kindly polish up on your Elvis.)

This afternoon the commissioners unanimously approved a resolution authorizing reimbursement to Fund 307 from financing received from the State of  Washington – $190,735.85 – for the purchase of the property on 121W. Broadway, Montesano.

When asked why he voted Yes on the reso after opposing the purchase initially, Commissioner Wes Cormier explained that he’s not going to gum up the works related to moving forward on the house deal. “I’m not going to hinder financing” he said. “I’m not going to abstain on everthing that’s involved in that. I don’t agree with the purchase, but will make the best of it… to help get the best possible outcome.”

Don’t look now folks, but a bout of fiscal common sense seems to have broken out.

Additional discussion on the financing is set for a Special Meeting this Wednesday, March 30, at 1:00 p.m. in Conference Room 1. Topics to be discussed include the ORV contract, Byles house financing, and evening meetings.

You may want to keep an eye on that last one. While other commishes have campaigned on evening meetings in the interest of promoting greater transparency and accessibility in government, Commissioner Cormier has been carrying most of the water on this lately. He brought the idea forward again a few weeks back. Commissioners Vickie Raines and Frank Gordon expressed support.

Frankly, most commish public meetings and workshops are woefully lacking in one vital element: The Public. Think conference room cavern. The only peeps who show up regularly at these deals are Corey Morris (Vidette editor), radio guys Doug McDowell and Daniel Hargrove, and moi. Sometimes an intrepid soul head or two heads to the podium during Public Comments. Think frequency of Hailey’s Comet.

Yeah, I know commish meetings are smack in the middle of the work day. But why should public involvement in local government be limited to those with flexible skeds, weird hours, or retirees? Hence the evening meetings thing. That will probably come down to personnel issues, costs and unions. Kinda like a suede shoe thing.

If you’re  able and available, show up and make your voice heard on Wednesday. Or contact your friendly county commissioner in advance. It’s easy and they’re not that scary. I promise.

One other thing. It’s that time of year again. Property taxes. In case you forgot. Or are busy digging up your Blue Suede Shoes. ‘Go cat, go…’