Hey Bernbots: Here’s Why Lunch (and College) Aren’t & Will Never Be ‘Free’


By Caleb Backholm*
Used by permission

No such thing as a free lunch.” We’ve all heard it. Most of us believe it. But why not? Could there ever be a free lunch? What if we all unanimously voted that all lunches be free?

At the risk of getting all deep on you, I have a sneaking suspicion that a significant minority, especially the youth in our country, don’t know why there can never be a free lunch. And it matters.

Nothing that requires anything from a human being is ever free. That’s why.

Sunshine is free. Nobody has to do nothin’ for you to enjoy the sunshine. Just stand there and soak it in.

But college/schooling is not. Housing is not. Clothes are not. Health care and sporting events are not. College requires human involvement thus it can never be free. Somebody has to give up at least a moment of their life, and usually many years of their life, to make college happen.

Just like somebody has to give up a moment to make a lunch, even if just for themselves, a lunch can never be free.

Unless…maybe wild apple trees, never planted, never pruned, never stumbled upon by man until today. Would that apple lunch be free? I almost said yes when I thought of this, but somehow that apple has to get to my mouth. Hard to see that happening without me or someone else doing something.

So since nothing is free that involves people, the important point is if someone does something that benefits us, we should strive to benefit them in return. No matter who they are, if they did something that benefited me, I should seek to return the favor to them somehow, if even sometimes only with a “thank you.” Gratitude enriches life. Some days I forget that.

Oh, and God’s offer of salvation and eternal life. That one’s free, too. That and sunshine.


*My title. Our thanks to Caleb Backholm for allowing us to re-post his original commentary.