Burns & Budget at County Commission (sort of)


First things first. Didya know that the ‘Learning to Grow ‘day care in Elma burned down over the weekend? Electrical fire. Thank God it was on a weekend. No one was hurt. But word is that the fire damage has displaced “at least” 50 kids. Ouch. But again, at least no one was hurt.

In other action from this morning’s county commissioner’s meeting:
– The hire of a PT deputy coroner was approved unanimously 
– The purchase of a laptop for the incom
ing Public Works Director, paid out of the road fund, was approved unanimously. Cost is about $2,000.
– A one day retreat/workshop with department heads in the large conference  room  is tentatively set for April 27. Topics TBA. Open to the public.
– Besides yours truly, three whole members of the public/press showed up at the a.m. meeting: Corey Morris of the Vidette, Al Smith, and Gordon whoever of the Ocean Shores City Council. That may be a new record.

The commishes went into executive session at about 9:15 to discuss “a real estate acquisition.” The session lasted less than 15 minutes. Commissioner Raines reported that no decisions were made. No votes were taken.

Another executive session is scheduled for 10:45 a.m. today. Topic is collective bargaining. If any news is made public, I’ll let you know.

Oh yeah. Budget Director Brenda Sherman presented the monthly budget update (photo above). Eleven fun filled pages of stats, figures, and cool pie charts. Holler if you want the whole tamale – or are running low on Sominex.