A Word From the Grays Harbor Boo-Hoo Brigade


Ever come across something that’s so dang funny, you have to laugh out loud?  Well, check out this recent message from the Grays Harbor Boo-Hoo Brigade. Take a gander at the third sentence with the interrogatory. Now that’s a work of art if ever I saw one (thanks to an alert reader for sharing):


Dear Democrats, 
This is an announcement for Bernie Supporters and is not GHCDCC event.

Rally Saturday April, 16 from 2pm to 5pm in Olympia

What is wrong with our elected representatives?

Have they no sense of responsibility, no sense of loyalty to 72% of their own constituents?
Evidently NOT!

Nearly all of them committed to Hillary before the caucuses in March.
Now that 72% of their supporters have exercised their democratic speech and voted for BERNIE.

Our representatives must listen to The Democratic Majority and change their vote to represent US. SEE YOU AT THE RALLY.

I know what you’re thinking. But have a heart here, peeps. These are DemoLibs. You know, the “3D Party”: Debt, Dependency, and Despair. And Detroit. After all, we wouldn’t these dearhearts to miss a chance to rally for the Queen of Chappaqua – and diss their own system in the process, would we? (But, hey! What difference does it make?)

As for the question below, “Is the Democratic Party actually democratic?” Seriously? I mean, do people get paid to come up with this stuff? If they don’t, they should. Cuz I’m still ROFLMHO.


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Image credit: Flickr- Shelly T./Creative Commons