Fluff at County Redux


Remember the little fluff an unnamed woman stirred up recently  by making threatening phone calls to county commish offices? Well…

The woman, who has a history of erratic behavior, was doing the encore thing this morning, calling Commissioners Frank Gordon and Vickie Raines. Don’t look for any Ms. Congeniality awards here any time soon.

We hear that the individual is not allowed to make such contacts by court order. Also that she just got out of jail from the last such incident.

Well, an officer from the sheriff’s office showed up around 11:00 a.m. to take statements from county staff. We’ll see how this plays out.

Meanwhile, life goes on. So does county biz. In fact, people actually laughed at this morning’s county commish meeting. No, really. To hear the stories spun by some, these meetings are all glum and grim. And dark as sin.

Naw. Not always,

Yes, the commishes deal with some pretty heady stuff. Budgets. Hire requests. Infrastructure. Budgets. Attack roosters. Bees. Budgets. Travel requests. Health and social services. Jury duty. Budgets. Hobbling over to the health department. Cranberry bogs. Budgets.The flood authority. Fish. Credit card policies. Hiring committees.

Did I mention budgets?

Oh, yeah. There’s a boat aground in Ocean Shores. And nope, the commishes don’t keep track of each other’s calendars. In case you’re wondering.


PS: Thanks, guys for letting me post on your site. Wazzup?